The Hiddenlistians' top 2008 albums - 5

Jean-Christophe (of the Hiddentracks) says:

Why? - Alopecia

Stéphane says:

The Do - A Mouthful

Juno - Soundtrack from the motion picture (and a great movie, too) (trailer)

I say:
I'd like to mention two other records and one great song I've heard this year.

The Walkmen - You and me
Good songs, amazing voice, clever production.

The Chemical Brothers - We Are The Night
Just bought the LP - listening to it right now, actually. Fantastic stuff, as usual.

And THAT song: Sugar Man by Sixto Rodriguez. A symptom of its time (production means a lot here), but still a good song. I wonder what instrument they're using. I'd go for Ondes Marthenot.


Flavien said...

sugar man: a typical deceitful song!

G. from W.A.U.R said...

THE DO !!!
putain mais arrêtez tout, c'est de la foutaise !!!
Ce groupe est un des plus mauvais que j'ai pu voir en live (route du rock 2008) et leur disque est un ramassis de branlette pour des publicitaires en manque d'inspiration.
ce groupe, c'est plutôt THE DAUBE
(appellation sur laquelle tout le monde est tombé d'accord à la RdR 2008, comme quoi)
Le Boss.