The Hiddenlistians' top 2008 albums - 8

Guillaume (of the Hiddentracks) says:

Forent Marchet, Rio Baril.
An album built like a novel. Gorgeous melodies, words to cry for. I've been expecting a French record such as this one.

François says:

Silver Jews, Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea

+ I say:
Another one I forgot: Scarlett Johansson's Anywhere I Lay My Head. Amazing.


The Hiddenlistians' top 2008 albums - 7

David says:

Relax by Frustration (http://www.myspace.com/_frustration)
Really different stuff from what has been going on in the world of post-punk.

Third by Portishead

Also, King Kong Was A Cat
I do understand why you wanted to re-create something out of it: their album is brilliant.



The Hiddenlistians' top 2008 albums - 6

Dominique, Anne, Louise & Enzo say:

"WHY? - Alopecia
They're just great. Alopecia is the album that we've been listening to the most in 2008. And their gig was the best of the year.

Full of energy + fresh + exotic = make you escape the ongoing moroseness! They sound like the Feelies on their way back from Africa.


Late '08 favourite: MEGAPUSS - Surfing.
And our kitchen becomes a dance floor. An out-of-time record that has you dancing in the clouds with the Beach Boys or the Doors. Like it ain't no joke.



The Hiddenlistians' top 2008 albums - 5

Jean-Christophe (of the Hiddentracks) says:

Why? - Alopecia

Stéphane says:

The Do - A Mouthful

Juno - Soundtrack from the motion picture (and a great movie, too) (trailer)

I say:
I'd like to mention two other records and one great song I've heard this year.

The Walkmen - You and me
Good songs, amazing voice, clever production.

The Chemical Brothers - We Are The Night
Just bought the LP - listening to it right now, actually. Fantastic stuff, as usual.

And THAT song: Sugar Man by Sixto Rodriguez. A symptom of its time (production means a lot here), but still a good song. I wonder what instrument they're using. I'd go for Ondes Marthenot.


The Hiddenlistians' top 2008 albums - 4

Gérald's choices:

(Gérald Guibaud is one of the founders of my French label, We Are Unique Records)

"First of all, our label productions, mostly ignored, what can I say...fuck them all and their fucking hype!

IMAGHO "inside looking out"
Jean Louis Prades plays as IMAGHO some incredible electroacoustic-folk-jazzy tunes. To me, IMAGHO is the missing link between GASTR DEL SOL and FENNESZ. A great great musician, humble and sincere. He recently was nominated (among more than 1,000 artists) at the Qwartz electronic music awards in the 'Best Albums of the year' category, alongside such great artists as Autechre and Battles from Warp. It is only fair.

B R OAD WAY "Enter the Automaton"
B R OAD WAY is one of the most underestimated French bands. Their songs might be compared to the Notwist. But "Enter the Automaton" is a thousand times better than "the devil, you + me"!

Fucking great mix of hiphop-pop with unconventionnal electronica. The best hybrid vinyl EP of the year.

Friends' records that you need to listen to:

LENA "the uncertain trail" (Sounds around)
One of the most brilliant French musicians. Jazz, electronica, hiphop, triphop, spoken word - LENA mixes them all with class and creates a fantastic musical odyssey for its listeners. Also nominated to the Qwartz electronic music awards in the 'Best Albums of the year' category. He does deserve it.

EXPERIENCE "nous en sommes encore là" (MVS)
Experience is one of the best rock bands in France. They are also the best hiphop band in France. Music and words. Great production in Steve Albini's studio. Respect.

cornflakes heroes
CORNFLAKES HEROES " Dear Mr Painkillers" (Greed recordings)
A very nice "indie" band that makes me feel like if the nineties have never ended. Maybe not very original, but they play well, with infectious enthusiasm. Lovely.

depth affect
DEPTH AFFECT "hello crisis" (Autres directions in music)
Click'n'cut blitch electronica meets hiphop and dubstep, by one of the most interesting electronic bands in France.

alina simone
ALINA SIMONE "placelessness" (Travelling music)
Ukrainian folk singer (exiled in US) with an incredible voice. Her first album was re-released by our brothers of Travelling Music. I recommend it to all Pj Harvey, Catpower and Shannon Wright fans. Her next album, entirely made of covers of a Russian poet, sang in Russian, is simply fantastic. An artist whose name you should remember.

Other records from the rest of the world:

RADAR BROS. "auditorium"
A Radar Bros. album is always a classic. This new one does not infrige this rule. Jim Putnam is a fucking great songwriter.

The record that brought the most pleasure to me this year. Fantastic popsongs. These guys are the new Guided by voices.

WHY? "alopecia"
Yoni Wolf is a genius, one of the best melody makers. This new album first disappointed me, but after several listens (around a few hundred times) I was deeply into it. A classic.

SUBTLE " Exiting Arm"
Subtle are the Sonic Youth of underground hiphop. And Dose One is also a genius.

EMILY JANE WHITE "dark undercoat"
The best 2008 folk record. This girl made me shiver this year with her homely tunes.

V.O. "obstacles"
I met this belgian band when they played with Angil in Brussels this year. They played lovely music between Tortoise, Jim O'rourke and other nice postfolk stuffs. A great discovery for me this year.

The come back of the year. Simply radical. Bravo, a great band that deserves respect.

R.E.M. "accelerate"
Surely not the greatest REM album, but I've always been a fan of the band. This short and direct new album simply rocks, and it does it well.


The Hiddenlistians' top 2008 albums - 3

Anne-Louise says:

PORTISHEAD - Third ("no comment!")

GABLE - Seven Guitars with a Cloud of Milk ("sort of wacky, with loads of various atmospheres")

SHUGU TOKUMARU - Exit ("the kind of record that makes you feel like you constantly are a 5-year-old with chocolate on your teeth")

JUANA MOLINA - Un Dia ("she's also great live!")

FRANCOIS VIROT - Yes or No ("Some like it, some find it a bit too much. I love it!")

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2008's most underestimated album

Flavien's suggestion:

The Breeders, Mountain Battles.

Flavien says: "The best B-sides LP this year. And the best collection of distinct songs."
I say: ... Fucking A!

The Hiddenlistians' top 2008 albums - 2

Côme's choices:

Etyl "Les Souris"

Côme says: "First I saw the video of "J'me fais mal", then I liked the LP artwork, so I bought the record. I'm glad I did: this is great stuff. Melancholic and brilliant songwriting!"

The Notwist "The Devil, You + Me"

"I bought their LP last summer in Montreal, following my brother-in-law's advice. Just marvellous! (plus, the American artwork is much nicer than the European one!)."

Mind Necrosis Factor "Morphogenesis"

"My brother-in-law (again) got me introduced to Reason, whom he works with. Monstruous, heavy atmospheres, weird Eastern-oriented samples and voices..."

Blue Sky Black Death "Slow Burning Lights"

"A hip hop producer who decided to do very efficient trip hop à la Cinematic Orchestra."

Look Daggers "Suffer in style"

"Concept genius, between Ikey Owens and 2Mex... I'm speechless!"

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The Hiddenlistians' top 2008 albums

Rémi's choices:

Portishead - Third

Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend

(click here to see their "A Punk" video, definitely a nice one)

Rémi says: "Didn't really like the album at first, but I gave it more listens, and it turned out to be totally amazing."

Department of Eagles - Ear Park

The songs on their Myspace page are good. I need to check it out...

Shugo Tokumaru - Exit

This sounds real nice too!

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