Sail home

New song up on our Myspace page: "Sail home", featuring Jim Putnam.

Sail home

“We’ll sail home by moonlight, another honeymoon.” (F.W. Murnau)
The fabric will come loose and sever from the loom.
The aching, the thrilling, I’m sure will be gone soon. We’ll head home.

Your phone’s on in your dress; my number’s the top one. It dials as you walk; I answer and listen to the world from your pocket until your credit’s gone. Come back home.

I guess there is someone, I guess you’re with him now. I don’t blame him for making weapons; I blame him cos he digs art. Well I dig dignity; though I’m digging my own.

The nosebleeds, the sick days, the memories, us fighting. It’s a big house; it’s our house. Our fences. It’s burning.

The couples on small boats all waving and shouting. Here’s Ringo; here’s Captain; and the band’s still playing. We can’t hear their music; it’s the waves, it’s the wind. It’s an old film

“We’ll sail home by moonlight, another honeymoon.”
We’ll head home.