The Hiddenlistians' top 2008 albums - 2

Côme's choices:

Etyl "Les Souris"

Côme says: "First I saw the video of "J'me fais mal", then I liked the LP artwork, so I bought the record. I'm glad I did: this is great stuff. Melancholic and brilliant songwriting!"

The Notwist "The Devil, You + Me"

"I bought their LP last summer in Montreal, following my brother-in-law's advice. Just marvellous! (plus, the American artwork is much nicer than the European one!)."

Mind Necrosis Factor "Morphogenesis"

"My brother-in-law (again) got me introduced to Reason, whom he works with. Monstruous, heavy atmospheres, weird Eastern-oriented samples and voices..."

Blue Sky Black Death "Slow Burning Lights"

"A hip hop producer who decided to do very efficient trip hop à la Cinematic Orchestra."

Look Daggers "Suffer in style"

"Concept genius, between Ikey Owens and 2Mex... I'm speechless!"

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1 comment:

Jah'Zz said...

Nice choices from my homeboy...
And, especially to Angil & crew, it's a nice idea too!!!