"Thelma or Louise?", a 'twice-live' session

Dijon, November 19th, 2008. On tour with the Radar Bros.

We'd been staying at Chantale's (she took the picture). I found these funny round-shaped decorations in her hallway; we decided to use them as an accessory.

Left to right: Rob Thomson (our nice Scotish driver); Brian Hussey, Steve Treichel, Jim Putnam (aka the Radar Bros.); me.

Two days after that, we recorded a song together, at Nantes' Jet FM. Jim and Brian sang the very soft backing vocals going "oooooh". The next day, Françoise Breut added her own vocal part.

We invented a new concept, I guess: a live session recorded at two distincts moments. We should call them 'twice-live' sessions.

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